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When the lights go out

Wintry weather to mean lights out

We are expecting wintry weather over the next two days and there is a possibility the lights could go out for some.

Living in the country you have to be proactive because power outage could happen.

clermont sr fireplace 300x225 When the power goes out what can you do?


Things you can do to prepare for a power outage

  • When buying a stove should you get an electric stove or a gas?  Many will go with the gas, since you can still cook when the power goes out.
  • Consider investing in a generator.  Be careful when operating the generator,  it has to be installed properly and the unit should never be used indoors.
  • Some homes are equipped with pellet stove, gas, or wood fireplaces which can help to keep you warm.
  • It might be wise to keep some jugs of water on hand.
  • Non perishable food items are a must.
  • Some homeowners will also use their grill to cook, just make sure it is outside, so as to avoid a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Have batteries, flashlights and lanterns on hand.
  • Matches to light the gas stove since the pilot light goes out when the power goes.
  • Hopefully your cellphone was charged, and don’t forget a crank radio.
  • Keep extra blankets on hand  especially if you don’t have the items above which could keep you warm.
  • If  there are children in the household, have some stories in mind to share.  Good time for bonding without the distraction of electronic devices.

One major item which contributes to power outage are the trees coming down on power lines.  Both homeowners and the electric company should be proactive in removing such hazards.

Living in the country ,power outage is not something you hear about, it will probably be a reality.  So are you prepare for when the power goes out?

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