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Am I saving time by multi-tasking?

 Multi-tasking does not save time. I recently drew that conclusion.   I had a busy day, one which included using a sewing needle, something I rarely do.   Anyway, I was rushing around from my computer, cooking and doing about ten other things; with such a pace I did not return the needle to its home. instead, I placed it on a counter, but, in the rush it fell on the floor.

It gets worse. I was also running around barefoot and you might have guessed it, the needle went into my foot really deep, I pulled it out and I have never seen a sewing needle that crooked. Thankfully it did not break off in my foot.

Why do these things always happen at night? Well, since I couldn't remember when I last had a tetanus shot I decided to make a trip to the hospital emergency room.

So, multi-tasking did not help me - I was at the hospital for 4 hours and came home with a sore foot and arm.

Back in 2008, Jon Hamilton wrote the article "Think you are multi-tasking? Think again. This is certainly something I should have kept in mind.

 Taking just a minute to return the sewing needle to where it belonged would have made more sense than moving on to several other tasks!.  So keep in mind that Multi-tasking isn't all it's cracked up to be.







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Comment balloon 23 commentsJennifer Fivelsdal • June 04 2011 10:21PM
Am I saving time by multi-tasking?
Multi-tasking does not save time. I recently drew that conclusion. I had a busy day, one which included using a sewing needle, something I rarely do. Anyway, I was rushing around from my computer, cooking and doing about ten other things; with… more
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