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Hyde Park New York housing market update - April 2014

How was the housing marking in Hyde Park NY in April?

The housing market in April 2014 in Hyde Park NY was down when compared to April 2013.  The charts below  shows a comparison.

Hyde Park NY home sales  2013-2014 comparison


Categories                        2013                            2014

Average list price                    $  272,360                          $ 202,300

Average sale price                   $ 257,370                            $ 197,500

Units of sale                                      5                                          3

Dom                                              152                                      122

Price range                          $ 130,000-440,000       $ 177,500-234,000


Hyde Park homes for sale

You can find Hyde Park NY real estate for sale by clicking the button below.

homes4salebutton2 Hyde Park NY housing update   April 2014

 Want to view the complete report? you can do so at: Hyde Park NY housing update - April 2014



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Hyde Park New York housing market update - April 2014
How was the housing marking in Hyde Park NY in April? The housing market in April 2014 in Hyde Park NY was down when compared to April 2013. The charts below shows a comparison. Hyde Park NY home sales 2013-2014 comparison &… more
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