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During the last 4 years I have had many wonderful opportunities as a result of Blogging. 

 Recently I was interviewed by one of the local Business Journal HV Biz regarding real estate in the Hudson Valley.  Bill Fallon asked some really good questions, he really wanted to know the status of the market so I was delighted to give him answers

I was made aware of the publication by Google alert.  A couple days went by and my husband asked, why I had not posted about the article, and my response was do I have to?  I did include it in my newsletter.

Okay he won this round.  Today I sent it out on social media, and here is my post :)

Now let me know what you think of the piece.  I have actually received emails from readers, one person said it was one of the most honest piece on real estate he has read in sometime.

So here is the article on JFIVE Homes Realty LLC



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Comment balloon 14 commentsJennifer Fivelsdal • May 30 2011 11:47PM
JFIVE Homes Realty LLC in the news
During the last 4 years I have had many wonderful opportunities as a result of Blogging. Recently I was interviewed by one of the local Business Journal HV Biz regarding real estate in the Hudson Valley. Bill Fallon asked some… more
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