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Germantown  NY was first settled by refugees from Rhineland Germany in 1710.  This town can be found in Columbia county and lies between Clermont and Hudson.

In the past this was once a big farming community but many of the farms are no longer in operation.   Now  Taconic Farms Facilty  is a major source of employment in the area.

Germantown is also a favorite destination for many weekenders and is located just about 100 miles from NY City.

Another great feature about Germantown is that it is located along the Hudson River so you will find many wonderful homes on its bank with terrific views of the Catskills mountains.

Recently an Indian restaurant opened in the center of town; this too has been a great addition to the local cuisine.

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Germantown NY 2007 Real Estate Market Report


In 2007 from January to December there were 48 listings and 19 Sold

                                                  Listing                             Selling          Square Feet

Average                                 $298,969                    $ 232,089          1552

Medium                                   $261,400                    $185,000           1308

Maximum                              $825,000                     $ 625,000          3384



 Listings per Status
 Minimum, Average, Maximum
 Days On Market Analysis
 Listing Price\Selling Price


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